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What is tarama?

Tarama is a nickname for taramasalata (or taramosalata), a Greek dip that is often served as part of a meze platter with drinks before dinner.

The authentic Greek dish is a creamy, smooth paste made with fish roe (tarama) that is combined with milk- or water-soaked (and squeezed dry) bread, plus lemon juice and grated onion. The mixture is then emulsified with olive oil until it reaches a whipped consistency. Tarama is served with grilled pita bread or crudités.

Tarama is popular the world over and can be bought prepared, although store-bought tarama is often poor in quality and has added pink food coloring as well as cream, egg yolks, mashed potato, gelatin or other unnecessary thickeners. Fresh tarama is simple to make at home, and the bread and olive oil lend it natural body and richness.

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