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How to prep kale

Kale grows well just before the first frost and just after the last, making it seasonal in most places twice a year and available (if not local) almost all year round.

It grows into deep beautiful colors — purplish red, glowing green, and the warm blue lacinato — that get more brilliant with cooking. It isn’t as bitter as other winter greens. When cooked, the leaves hold their shape but go tender, making them perfect for long-simmering soups and stews.

To slice kale, first fold each leaf in half, then cut away and toss the stems. You can slice the stems into slivers and use them, too.
Next, working in batches of several leaves, roll up the leaves like a cigar to consolidate them for easy chopping.
Finally, chop across the rolled up leaves -- into thick ribbons for longer cooking, and into thin ribbons for shorter cooking.
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