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How to chop an onion

chopped onion - by cookthink

Chopping is probably the most common way to prep an onion. Chopped onions show up in anything that needs the basic, earthy pungent flavor that onions give. Chop them larger for longer-cooking dishes like stews and rustic soups, and smaller (call it a dice if you like) for anything from salsas to sauces to ragouts.

slicing onions - cookthink

To start, cut the onion in half through the root. The root itself will help keep the onion together for chopping

chop onions - by cookthink

Rotate the onion 90 degrees and cut off the papery end (not the root end). This will make the skin easy to peel away and discard.

peel an onion - by cookthink

Peel back the onion's papery skin. It's often easiest to peel away the first layer of the onion along with the skin.

chop an onion - by cookthink

Make a series of diagonal cuts (roughly 45 degrees) into the side of the onion. Keep more space between the slices for a large chop. Make the cuts closer together for a small chop or a dice.

dice an onion - by cookthink

Now make a series of horizontal cuts to finish shaping the chop or dice.

dice an onion - by cookthink

Finally, rotate the onion again and slice crosswise against the checkerboard pattern you made in the onion. The chopped pieces will fall away from the onion.

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