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What do I do with leftover heavy cream?

It often happens that you have a little heavy cream left over from some other recipe. To use it up, try one of these easy suggestions:

- Whisk it together with an egg yolk, grated parmesan and red pepper flakes, then toss with hot noodles in a bowl.

- Add to scrambled eggs for an extra rich flavor.

- Drizzle over vegetables (fennel, asparagus, endive) in a gratin or casserole dish, sprinkle on some grated cheese and broil for a delicious side. (Recipe: Endive Gratin)

- Whisk together with herbs and vinegar or lemon juice for a creamy dressing.

- Stir it into a soup or stew for richness. (Recipe: White Bean And Green Pea Soup With Mint)
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