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What does it mean to julienne?

To julienne something is to cut it into long, thin strips, like matchsticks. While there is some discrepancy over the exact width of a julienne cut, it is the smallest of its category, generally agreed to measure around 1/16th to 1/8th of an inch.

The alumette cut is a bit bigger than the julienne, and the batonnet is the largest of the matchstick cuts, about 1/4 of an inch. There's no need to get out the ruler at Cookthink, though. We usually just go with "cut into matchsticks" instead of "julienned". It's just easier that way and, frankly, you'll be fine as long as you think "matchsticks" and cut whatever it is you're cutting as thin as you can.

Some vegetables you commonly cut into matchsticks: peppers, carrots, celery and onions for salads and soups. Beef, pork or duck work well this way in stir-fries.
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