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How to prep a poblano pepper

First, what are poblanos? Poblanos are versatile, flavorful peppers. They can be used in any dish that calls for a bell pepper. Their flavor is more complex than that of a bell pepper, though, and some are slightly spicy. They also make their way into salsas, are delicious roasted, and are the stuffed pepper in classic chiles rellenos.

To prep them, first cut off the top just below the stem. This will pave the way for you to open the pepper up like a book and remove the core.
Cut off the bottom, too.
Stand the pepper up on its end, and slice it open from top to bottom (or bottom to top).
Spread the pepper open, and pull out and discard the core and seeds.
Lay the pepper flat on the cutting board and cut it into a couple of sections to make it easier to work with.
Next, remove the white ribs, which can be bitter. Hold the knife parallel to the cutting board and slice them away.
Now cut the clean pieces into any shape you like. Rotate the square pieces back and forth as you slice to make irregular or triangular pieces. This cut is good for stir-frys.
Regular cuts are good for soups and salsas. Cut the sections into strips of any thickness you like.
To make a dice, rotate the strips 90 degrees, and slice them crosswise.
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