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How to cube tofu

For soups, stews and stir-frys, it's easiest to cut tofu into cubes, small or large. Cubes have flat sides that make good contact with the pan, and brown well. Browning the cubes on all four sides in a non-stick skillet is a good way to improve tofu's bland reputation. Since most tofu comes in rectangular blocks, cubing it is easy to do.
Start by cutting the block in half.
Depending on what size cubes you want, cut each half in half (2 cuts -- one on each side of the first cut) or into thirds (4 cuts -- 2 on each side of the first cut).
Rotate the block 90 degrees and repeat.
To make the final cut, you can either hold the knife parallel to the cutting board and slide it through the center, or turn the tofu up on end and slice perpendicular to the cutting board like you see here. It's not hard to keep the pieces together if you use both hands.
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