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How to use the Cookthink recipe search tool

With the Cookthink recipe search tool, you can search for recipes based on what you're craving.

Search for recipes based on what you're craving.

Search for recipes using any combination of ingredients...

Search by ingredient...

...dish types, courses or techniques...

Search using dish types or techniques.

...cuisines types or culinary traditions...

Search for recipes by culinary traditions and cuisines...

and moods, health restrictions, seasons, aromas, textures and more.

Search using moods, seasons and occasions.

You can search for recipes by typing terms into the search bar, separating them by commas.

Type in search terms, separating them by commas.

You can also add terms to the search bar by clicking words in the tag clouds.

Just click on a tag to add it to the search bar.

Once you're happy with your search terms, click "search" to see which recipes fit best for what you're craving.

Click search to find the best recipes for what you're craving.

To delete a single search term, just click into the search bar and backspace to erase it. (Be sure the remaining search terms are still separated by commas.)

To delete, just erase with backsapce button.