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Cookthink in the news

Apartment Therapy's the kitchn (June 2008)
Creative Meal Planning from Cookthink
"Whatever our conundrum, Cookthink has a tool that can help us out! Type in any combination of ingredient, type of dish, particular cuisine, or even your mood, and CookThink will find a selection of corresponding recipes for you to choose from."

Isaac Mizrahi's blog (May 2008)
We Love Cookthink.com
"Cookthink.com is kind of genius... It’s a recipe index based on what you are craving... Check it out. It’s sure to be your newest favorite website."

Wish Magazine (May 2008)
5 Things to Keep an Eye Out for Right Now
"Now you can stop stressing about what’s for dinner tonight. Enter a few ingredients (whatever’s in the fridge) online at cookthink.com, and you’ll have a list of delicious, no-brainer recipes in no time – for free!"

New York Times: Bitten blog (April 2008)
Are These Recipes Keepers?
"Like software that tells you what music you might like to listen to, it delivers recipes to you based on your desired style, ingredients and type of cuisine..."

Chow (April 2008)
Surfeit of Sweets
"The members of the Cookthink team are self-confessed 'Kafka devotees,' and have set up an ongoing Barbara Kafka Dessert Anthology feature. Each Tuesday Kafka will put up a post with several recipes sharing a similar theme..."

Dwell Magazine
(April 2008)
Recipe Resource: Coolthink
"A search engine that pools recipes based on what you’re craving. Type in criteria under the ingredient, dish, cuisine, and mood categories, press search and voilà—a menu’s worth of suggestions for the “spontaneous,” “playful,” “clever” (or just downright “depressed”) cook."

Lucky Magazine (March 2008)
Current Online Obsession
"Cookthink.com is a practical cooking site for single gals like me who often work late and come home to a (practically) empty fridge. You type in the few ingredients you have on hand and voilà, the site suggests a fitting recipe. You can also search by mood, including 'doughy, hangover-friendly, and easy to clean'—conditions often familiar to a single gal as well."

TechCrunch (February 2008)
Cookthink: Like Pandora for Recipes
"Along with the rich search and feature set, Cookthink promises that every recipe on the site has either been tested in-house or by one of the members of the 'Cookthinktank,' a confederation of food bloggers and cookbook authors whose recipes are searchable at Cookthink. Basically they aren’t suggesting recipes that haven’t been tested by someone related to the site."

Lifehacker (January 2008)
Find Recipes to Satisfy Your Cravings at Cookthink
"Cookthink turns your cravings into reality, matching recipes with cravings by ingredient, cuisine, dish, or mood… In all, it’s a one-stop shop for finding meals based on what you have and what cravings you’re looking to satisfy. Most of the recipes, I should add, look mighty tasty..."

Gears and Widgets
(January 2008)
Site Highlight: Cookthink
"Some people seem to think that any site about food has to be a massive database of recipes, and Cookthink isn’t that. The idea is to guide you to flavors and meal ideas that match the mood you’re in or the tastes that you enjoy; and it does that spectacularly well. If you’re looking for an all-inclusive list of recipes that you simply can’t stump even with the wildest requests, you might try Epicurious.com or someplace similar. Cookthink is a completely different animal, and considering its goal, it’s an animal I want to keep around to help my girlfriend and I decide what’s for dinner."

Download Squad (January 2008)
Cookthink: Discover Recipes Based on Cravings
"Ever have a craving for fish, but no recipe handy for turning your craving into dinner? Cookthink can help...Cookthink is a great site."

PC Magazine's AppScout (January 2008)
Cookthink: Find Meals Based on Your Cravings
"Regardless of what you’re craving, Cookthink can help you find a recipe that matches the flavors you’re looking for… Cookthink was designed to help people take the types of foods and flavors they’re craving and turn them into real meal suggestions... Every night when I ask my girlfriend what we should have for dinner, I speak in terms of flavors and moods. Cookthink is perfect for people like me."

Software Battle (January 2008)
Take the Thinking out of Cooking with Cookthink
"Cookthink is far more than a simple recipe site. It offers enough uniqueness to set it apart from staples like AllRecipes.com and Cooks.com. Yes, it has a 'Web 2.0' flare to it, and there is much more working here than meets the eye...I can see Cookthink becoming one of the best recipe resources on the web."

Springwise (January 2008)
Personalized Cooking: Recipes Match Cravings
"Take high-quality content, add a dash of searchability and a dollop of personalization, and what do you get? A culinary version of the music discovery engine Pandora, with the potential to be just as much of a success among foodies around the world..."

Web Design World (December 2007)
Jeffrey Zeldman: “This is a web 2.0 cooking site. It’s a discovery site. I mean, I had no idea what poke meant until somebody poked me and then I poked them and then I got it."
Lance Loveday: "It's a site that reverse engineers recipes. Very cool."
Steve Mulder: “I love the very elegant simplicity of the layout, how the eye goes to where you want it to go… This is so much fun to play with, and the photography’s really beautiful."
Jim Heid: "This is a very cool site."

Grazia (September 2007)
Cook Without Wasting Brain Cells
"Il sito Cookthink ci viene gentilmente incontro in questa durissima ricerca quotidiana..."

LAist (August 207)
New Food Website Obsession
"They ask 'what are you craving?' but really it's better for 'what do you have in your fridge that needs to be used before it goes bad?'..."

ABC News (June 2007)
Chew on This: Food Bloggers' Favorites
"Cookthink...is a lesser-known gem..."