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What is a Negroni?

A Negroni is an Italian apéritif made from equal parts gin, Campari and vermouth.

Legend has it that the Negroni was invented at the Caffè Casoni in Florence, in 1919. It was supposedly named in honor of Count Camillo Negroni, whose request for an Americano with gin led to the creation of a brand new pre-dinner drink.

Variations on the classic Negroni -- which is traditionally garnished with a curl of orange peel -- include the American version, with sparkling water and lemon. Other Italian versions substitute spumante brut or vodka for gin. A Sparkling Negroni is made with Champagne or prosecco. A Negroni Zimbabwe is made with orange juice.

In 1919, the Negroni Family opened the Negroni Distilleries in Treviso, manufacturing a ready-made Antico Negroni 1919 formula.

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