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About Cookthink

Cookthink helps you feel smarter in the kitchen. An innovative cooking website with delicious recipes and helpful kitchen tips, Cookthink is pulled together by a one-of-a-kind recipe search tool.

With the tool, you can search for recipes using ingredients, dish types, cuisines and moods so that we can help answer the question: What are you craving? (If you're new to Cookthink, take a minute to look over this primer on how to use the Cookthink recipe search tool.)

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Who are we?

Here are the people behind Cookthink.

Why did we create Cookthink?

It’s pretty simple — we didn’t love anything else out there. We were frustrated with busy home pages. We were flummoxed by unreliable, unrelated recipes from huge, messy databases. We were exhausted by clicking and backclicking through long lists of search results.

We wanted to create a cleaner, smarter recipe website, something with consistently good recipes, more efficient search, better resources and friendly advice.

Cooking shows and food magazines are great, but cooking at home usually isn’t about what a chef does in front of the camera or how an extravagant 8-course meal comes together for a 12-guest garden party. It’s about satisfying a craving right now with the ingredients you’ve got onhand. It’s about using leftovers well and experimenting little by little. It’s about what you’re going to have for dinner tonight.

Our recipes aren’t a random hodgepodge pilfered from who knows where. Each recipe is tested either in-house or by one of our Cookthinktank recipe partners -- top food bloggers, cookbook authors, the Washington Post food section and more. We call this our distributed test kitchen. If we don't test them, someone we trust does.

What is the Recipe Mapping Project?

When you’re craving something to eat, what is it that you really want? Do you want a specific ingredient? Do you want a particular dish or the flavors of a certain cuisine? Do you want to feel a certain way? Aim towards a certain smell or a particular set of flavors?

Every recipe is made up of all these things. At Cookthink, we created the Recipe Mapping Project to figure out all the little bits and pieces that go into making a good recipe.

We break down the components of each recipe, analyzing dozens of characteristics about what goes into a dish — what it tastes like, smells like, feels like, and how it makes you feel to eat it.

You can tap into this process when you use Cookthink's recipe search tool to look for recipes by ingredient (pork chop, zucchini), dish type (salad, burrito) cuisine (Italian, Thai) and mood (exuberant, summery). When you “cookthink it,” we take what you’re craving and compare it to all of our recipes, returning recipes that best fits what you’re looking for.