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If you have questions about how and why to use Cookthink, check out our FAQ first. If you think you've found an error/bug or if you'd like to suggest a recipe or site feature you'd like to see on Cookthink, please let us know at support@cookthink.com

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If you're a like-minded individual or organization who is interested in partnering with or investing in Cookthink, we're all ears at partner@cookthink.com.

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If you're interested in licensing Cookthink content, check on rights and rates at license@cookthink.com.

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If you're interested in working at Cookthink, take a look at our jobs page to see available positions, and send a cover letter and resume to jobs@cookthink.com.

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If you'd like to write an article about Cookthink or you need a source for a general story about cooking websites, food blogs, etc., we're happy to oblige. Email Brys (brys@cookthink.com) or Chip (chip@cookthink.com).

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To send us postcards, fan mail, blank checks or boxes of Meyer lemons, use the following address: 2250 Hall Place NW Washington, DC 20007.