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How to prep pancetta

pancetta - cookthink

The cured italian meat pancetta comes either rolled (rotolata) or flat (stesa). Rolled pancetta is often sold thinly sliced. Flat pancetta comes as a slab. You can use it in any dish that would benefit from an underlying, mild pork flavor.

thin pancetta - cookthink

Here's an easy way to prep thin slices of rolled pancetta. First, stack 3-4 slices and roll them up like a cigar. If you want short strips (like lardons), cut the pancetta cigar in half lengthwise. Skip this step if you want the strips to be long.

chopped pancetta - cookthink

Then slice the cigar crosswise. Toss the pieces around with your hand to separate them.

slab pancetta - cookthink

To dice slab pancetta, cut a few slices crosswise as thick or thin as you like. Stack the slices, then slice off and discard any unwanted tough skin.

dice pancetta - cookthink

Cut the slices into strips lengthwise.

diced pancetta - cookthink

Rotate the strips 90 degrees around and slice them crosswise to finish the dice.

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