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Asparagus Salmon

photo: Washington Post

from recipe

This recipe calls for the best salmon fillets you can find: thick and fresh ones that won't fall apart with handling once the pin bones have been removed.

If only thin fillets are available, there are a few options to make the recipe a little more manageable. The fillet and the asparagus bundle both can be cut into four equal portions first and then stuffed, or the entire fillet can be butterflied or split completely in two, then wrapped around the salmon and secured with four pieces of kitchen twine (to be removed after grilling).

This is a demanding recipe. Its triple feat includes cutting a tunnel the length of the fillet, persuading asparagus to slip through and manipulating the skinless, stuffed fish on the grill.



asparagus, port



grill, vinaigrette, wrap, pie, buns, butter


fresh, thick

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