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Whole Wheat Rotini With Mushrooms, Cannellini Beans And Green Onions

serves 2-4

This is a simple, umami-rich whole grain pasta fortified with sautéed mushrooms, tomatoes, green onions and cannelini beans. Penne would work here too, but the rotini does a nice job of grabbing and holding on to the sauce.


2 teaspoons kosher salt
1 pound whole wheat rotini
1 bunch green onions, sliced
1 pound white mushrooms, sliced
1 jalapeno chile, sliced
1 (15-ounce) can cannellini beans, rinsed and drained
3 tablespoons olive oil
2 teaspoons tomato paste
1/2 (15-ounce) can whole peeled tomatoes, crushed with their juice
1/2 cup freshly grated parmesan


prep: 10 minutes
total: 30 minutes


large pot
large skillet


1. Bring a large pot of water and two teaspoons of kosher salt to a boil. When the water boils, add the pasta and cook until it's al dente.

2. Meanwhile, prep the green onions, mushrooms, jalapeno and beans. Heat the olive oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. When the oil is hot and shimmering, add the green onions, mushrooms and jalapeno, and season them with a sprinkling of salt and pepper. Cook, stirring often, until the mushrooms are soft and give up their liquid, 4 to 6 minutes.

3. Clear out a space in the pan and add the tomato paste. Stir the tomato paste around on the bottom of the pan to caramelize it, then stir it into the mushrooms and onions.

4. Stir in the tomatoes and beans and bring the sauce to a simmer. Boil the sauce until thick, 3 to 5 minutes.

5. Add the drained pasta and parmesan to the pan and toss to combine.

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