Who is Cookthink?


Brys Stephens

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Brys Stephens is a home cook, food writer and recipe developer. He currently writes and reviews restaurants for the Charleston City Paper and Charleston Magazine, and is Cookthink’s founder and creative director. At Cookthink, Brys has developed, tested, written and photographed thousands of original recipes and related cooking content. Among other freelance projects, he recently tested and edited Modern Hospitality, the cookbook by the winner of the first season of Gordon Ramsay’s show Masterchef. Brys lives on Sullivan’s Island, SC.

Chip Brantley
Chip Brantley is the author of The Perfect Fruit: Good Breeding, Bad Seeds and the Hunt for the Elusive Pluot and a former�head cheesemaker at Westfield Farm, a cheese company in central Massachusetts. Before his career in cheese, Chip worked a series of writing and editing jobs, including a stint as a regular food writer for the San Francisco Examiner. Over the past decade, he has contributed to such publications as Slate, Gourmet, the Oxford American, Southern Living and Gastronomica. A lecturer in the Department of Journalism at the University of Alabama, he lives in Birmingham with his wife, Elizabeth Hughey, and their son. Visit him at www.chipbrantley.com.

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Olga @ MangoTomato August 4, 2010 at 12:07 pm

Just wanted to stop by and say I really like the new design!

Jan Lisenby October 14, 2010 at 11:01 am

It took us awhile but we found you. Carroll wanted us to fine Brys’ website. Looks great and plan to try my hand at the Salsa Chicken skewers. Great to cook before you leave the house and grill at the tailgate party. EASY, love EASY!!
We are enjoying Charleston, beautiful and great food!!!!

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