What is Cookthink?


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Finding a recipe online is easy. The trick is finding a good recipe. Not just a good recipe but the right recipe.

A good recipe is one that is instructive and well written. It’s a recipe that works. The right recipe is a good recipe that works right now.

On Cookthink, you’ll find nothing but good recipes — from cookbook authors, test kitchens and top food bloggers. And our´┐Żone-of-a-kind recipe search tool helps you find the right recipes, the recipes you’re looking for right now.

Cookthink solves the “right recipe” problem by reverse-engineering every recipe on Cookthink. By breaking down each recipe into scores of component parts, Cookthink is able to attribute fundamental sensory and experiential qualities to a recipe. What does it taste like? What does it smell like? What might I be feeling like if I’m craving that recipe? What is the total sensory experience of what that recipe represents? Is it green or bursting? Dense or ethereal? Rustic or refined? Gooey or crisp? Hangover-friendly or heart-healthy?

We takes this analysis even further by relating recipes that complement each other and by relating recipes with relevant cooking tips and reference articles. What goes with a seared chimichurri flank steak? What does it mean to sear? What does chimichurri mean? By taking this granular approach, Cookthink gets deeper into both the identity of a single recipe and the relationship between recipes across the entire spectrum.

You can tap into all this by using the recipe search tool at Cookthink.com.

Sound interesting? Sign up for a free account and start using Cookthink.com now!