How To Prep Radishes

by brys on November 16, 2011 · 2 comments

DSC_4582 by you. A bunch of radishes may look daunting for the uninitiated, but the subject of this week’s Root Source is actually one of the quickest and easiest vegetables to prepare. nike air max 2016 goedkoop How you do so depends on the radish variety you choose, and on how (and whether you plan to cook them). fjällräven kånken Barn Start by thoroughly washing them: Cut off radish greens, leaving an inch or so attached to the radish, plunge them into a bowl of cold water and pat them dry. Nike Flyknit Uomo If you plan on eating the radishes with your fingers you can leave little bit of their stem — which looks nice and works like a handle — attached. Then, depending on their size, cut the radishes either in half or into quarters, lengthwise. mu legend zen for sale Asics Aoldes DSC_4587 by you. DSC_4588 by you. For tossing into salads and sandwiches and for quick pickling, just thinly slice them. nike tn pas cher A small pairing knife is a good tool for this but you could also use a mandoline. Stephen Piscotty Jersey DSC_4597 by you. If you plan on cooking your radishes whole — for glazing, sautéing, roasting and braising — cut them into same-sized pieces for even cooking. DSC_4988 by you. If you want to put a little more effort into presentation, try partially peeling the longer varieties that have brightly colored skin. adidas homme nike air max nederland DSC_4645 by you. Or simply halve or quarter inside-out radishes with white outsides and pink hearts to let that show. College Jerseys Store DSC_4672 by you. And what about the wispy roots? You can just snip them off with your fingers or quickly slice off with a paring knife — or leave them as they are perfectly edible. Nick Marshall Auburn Football Jerseys Radishes can lose their crunch if left in the refrigerator too long. You can revive them by soaking them in cold water. nike air max pas cher If you’re planning to keep them for just a few days, you can also store whole radishes in just enough water to cover in the refrigerator, which will keep them crisp.

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CJ June 30, 2011 at 7:22 pm

If the tops are fresh, don’t discard them. Like beet greens, radish greens are delicious sauteed with a little garlic abd red pepper flakes, or just some butter. Or toss into a stir fry, or soup. Season and enjoy.
Super full of nutrion too.
We were introduced to the concept when we joined a CSA this year. It was one of the preparation recommendations. And we are forever thankful for it. It’s like getting two vegetables in one.
Try them and tell me what you think.

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