Fall Breakfast Fusion

by brys on October 11, 2011 · 0 comments

It’s not exactly chilly in the lowcountry right now, but this rainy coastal system moving up from Florida made yesterday a pretty dreary Monday. It was actually nice for a change.

Now that fall’s here, there’s a shift in ways to explore the relationship between Southern and Southeast Asian (among other cuisines) food and cooking. I love working tropical ingredients into comforting favorites, and am always surprised at how much better they make even a simple dish like oatmeal.

With that in mind, I started the rainy workweek off yesterday with an easy breakfast combining steel cut oats with coconut milk, bananas and cashews.

I tossed a handful of steel cut oats into a  glass bowl, added in twice as much water, and a pinch of salt, then covered the bowl in plastic wrap and cooked the oats at 80% power for six minutes. Then I moved the partially-cooked oats to a saucepan, barely covered them with coconut milk, and stirred in a tablespoon each of butter and brown sugar.

I simmered the oats until they were soft — another five minutes. Then I topped them with a sliced banana, a handful of cashews I had crushed in a mortar and pestle, and a drizzle of honey.

The coconut milk, bananas and cashews were a great match, anchored by the underlying nuttiness of the oats. Not bad for a warming, throw-together breakfast.

Now it’s back to the dry, sunny upper 70’s.

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