Root Source Challenge #1: flat-leaf parsley

by admin on February 1, 2008 · 6 comments

In case you missed Claire’s announcement on Tuesday, we’re starting a fun new project called the Root Source Challenge.

It goes like this: We announce the subject of the root source three weeks out. You email us with a link to a recipe on your blog that uses that ingredient. We pick our favorite recipe, feature it in the root source, publish it on Cookthink and send the person who submitted it a new cookbook. (The complete rules are here.)

The subject of Root Source Challenge #1 is flat-leaf parsley. The person who submits the featured recipe will receive a copy of Jeanne Kelley’s Blue Eggs and Yellow Tomatoes: Recipes from a Modern Kitchen Garden (Running Press).

(Thanks to The Lisa Ekus Group for partnering with us for the Root Source Challenge.)

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