than 30 years, and I haven’t had a Packers visit like this."Not only did we hear them talk and answer questions, but I was really impressed with the way they just mingled
cheap jerseys and spoke with everyone. It’s nice to know we’re backing such a great team."In the mingling after the autograph session, the players had a chance to
wholesale jerseys china talk football with members of the Marinette Marines high school football team, with the prep players asking questions ranging from offense and defense, to offseason workouts and nutrition.After some final pictures, the players and Murphy boarded the bus for the trip home.On the bus ride back to Lambeau, the players and Murphy reflected on the past four days, along with Cathy Dworak, Packers manager of community relations and organizer of the trip, and Justin Crabb, the Packers’ building security
cheap jerseys top supervisor who assisted on the trip.The trip received high marks from everyone, with many members of the group particularly enjoying visits to KANDU in Janesville and the Veterans Home in King.Other


the pick and roll with a guy like Steph Curry, do you have a certain philosophy where you’re trying to force him away from the
cheap nfl jerseys china hoop? I mean, first off, his range is unlimited, so
cheap jerseys top you can’t just back up and let him get a shot off. You have to try to get the ball out of his hands, honestly try to get him to make another pass. And against Golden State, that’s tough, because they can all do the same thing. But you just have to try to get the ball out of his hands and make somebody else beat you. Is it also a physicality thing? Do you try to hit him a little or knock him off of his spot? No, he can do a good job of creating fouls, so you don’t want to [create] a foul call. You just want to try to get the ball out of his hand and make another guy shoot the ball. Are you surprised
wholesale jerseys china when you’re walking around and everyone seems to know you now? Oh yeah. A couple years ago it wasn’t like that. So now to get that attention, it’s humbling. I see people walking around with posters and jerseys on and everything like that, so


Goat Cheese Ravioli With Broccoli and Parmesan

December 1, 2011

With broccoli starting to come up in my raised winter vegetable bed, I’ve been cooking a lot with it lately. One of my favorite ways to cook it is with pasta. Here’s a simple one that’s easy to make with store-bought, good quality ravioli. Add a drizzle of olive oil at the end to enrich [...]

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November Produce

November 13, 2011

The Charleston Farmers Market sets up every Saturday downtown in Marion Square until December 19, just two days before the first day of winter. That’s about a month away, and the harvest from the surrounding sea islands — Johns, Wadmalaw, James, Edisto — goes on. It may even be fair to say (especially if you [...]

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Fall Breakfast Fusion

October 11, 2011

It’s not exactly chilly in the lowcountry right now, but this rainy coastal system moving up from Florida made yesterday a pretty dreary Monday. It was actually nice for a change.
Now that fall’s here, there’s a shift in ways to explore the relationship between Southern and Southeast Asian (among other cuisines) food and cooking. I [...]

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Sweet Potato Gnocchi With Gorgonzola

September 14, 2011

After trying many versions over the years, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s impossible to write (or follow) a foolproof recipe for fresh gnocchi.
The right ration of flour to liquid depends on subtleties like humidity, the size of the eggs (if you’re using them), and the size of and amount of moisture in the [...]

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Broiled Eggplant With Soy, Lime, Chile And Garlic

September 13, 2011

I love broiling eggplant. Since the oven’s heat hits the eggplant from above (as opposed to from below like on a grill) it’s easier to baste the eggplant with a flavorful sauce and have the sauce stay put to really sear into the eggplant’s flesh.
Last week when I came across a few firm purple Chinese [...]

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Penne With Field Peas, Tomato, Feta And Basil

September 12, 2011

A 2008 back issue of Saveur that I flipped through over the weekend has me inspired.
Around that time, along with the usual beautiful photography, they were starting to focus more and more on ingredients and techniques, with the various cuisines of the world as context. This month they highlight crab, brown rice and southern peas [...]

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Chickpeas With Merguez Sausage And Kale

September 7, 2011

serves 2
2-4 links merguez sausage (about 1/2 pound), sliced
1 bunch red kale (about 1 pound), stemmed and cut into ribbons
1 15-ounce can chickpeas, rinsed and drained
1 tablespoon olive oil
1/4 cup water
salt and pepper
1/2 cup coarsely chopped cilantro
1 tablespoon sherry vinegar
1. Prep the sausage, kale and chickpeas.
2. Heat the olive oil in a large sauté pan [...]

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An Italian Take On Turkey

September 4, 2011

These days you can buy the bird in so many forms — turkey pieces, turkey cutlets (or tenders), turkey sausages, smoked wings and legs, rolled or bone-in breast roasts — that there are endless options for cooking turkey.
Last night I put together a simple, elegant saltimbocca that’s a take on the classic Italian veal saltimbocca. [...]

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