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Jaden Hair

I was born in Hong Kong, but I grew up in the midwest (Nebraska) where authentic Asian ingredients were scarce.

My mother learned to adapt Western ingredients with Asian cooking techniques to create delicious meals for us at home. This is the gift that she has passed on to me.

Now my greatest love is Modern Asian Home Cooking...a colorful explosion of Asian and Western fresh flavors, ingredients and cooking techniques for the home cook.

Steamy Kitchen.com is my playground--featuring recipes, beautiful food photography and my adventures in the kitchen. Most of the recipes are Modern Asian; however, a sprinkling of non-Asian dishes can be found on the blog, as this also serves as my diary of delicious meals I cook at home.

My hands-on cooking classes are held at The Chef's Table in Sarasota, FL and The Rolling Pin in Brandon, FL. I have a weekly newspaper food column in Sarasota & Tampa's Creative Loafing, and a monthly food column in the East County Observer. I also contribute to the The WellFed Network and cook live on ABC News during morning news segments.

Email me at jaden (at) steamykitchen (dot) com.

To learn more about Jaden, take a look at her Cookthink Questionnaire.

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