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Andrew Schloss

Andrew Schloss, author of Mastering the grill and creator of Cookthink's Sunday Dinners project.

Andrew Schloss is the creator of Cookthink's Sunday Dinners, a project aimed at leveraging a single weekend dinner into a week's worth of meals that are delicious, that are varied, and that won't demand the one ingredient none of us has on a weeknight--time.

Andrew is known by his readers and students for his inventive recipes and his ability to explain technical aspects of cooking and entertaining in understandable terms. He was nominated as "Cooking Teacher of the Year" in 2005 by the IACP, and his popular articles have appeared in The Washington Post,

San Francisco ChronicleBon Appétit, and Family Circle. Andrew is the author or co-author of twelve cookbooks, including Fifty Ways to Cook Most Everything (a main selection for Book of the Month Home Style Club), One-Pot Chocolate Desserts and Mastering the Grill, a New York Times Best Seller co-authored with David Joachim. 

For all of Andrew's cookbooks, visit the Sunday Dinners store.

To learn more about Andrew, take a look at his Cookthink Questionnaire.

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