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Jess Thomson

When I started hogwash, I wanted a name that was emblematic of what I’d been writing about, food and life, and also of Seattle.

Pike Place Market served as an obvious starting point. But I didn’t want to get too serious. It is all hogwash, these here words. And Rachel, the big bronze pig that stands at the market’s entrance, seemed to fit my purpose. She was there when it all started.

In 2007, I worked on a year-long project: I wrote a recipe a day for a year. It was interesting.

I started this project because I needed a goal; I was new to town and unsure I’d ever push my way into Seattle’s food-writing world. I needed a good assignment. I was least certain about finding an outlet for recipe writing (I’d done plenty of it on Cape Cod, testing and developing recipes for cookbooks and supermarket magazines and such, and I loved it), and was curious to find the answer to the question everyone asks me: What do you eat at home? I’d often said I never cooked the same thing twice in a year’s time.

By trade, I’m a freelance writer and recipe developer. I cook a lot, eat a lot, and type a lot. Not a bad life.

The way I see it, my job is to make people happy and full, both physically and mentally. I hope to educate my readers on how cooking, eating, and living a healthy lifestyle can coincide.

I write for many local, regional, and national publications, including Sunset Magazine, Seattle Weekly, Seattle Metropolitan, and Arthritis Today. Before moving to Seattle, I was contributing food editor at Cape Cod Magazine. My work has also appeared in The Boston Globe and The Cape Cod Times.

To learn more about Jess, take a look at her Cookthink Questionnaire.

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