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Bee Yinn Low

Rasa Malaysia is my online playground: it's the channel where I express my passion for Malaysian food and cooking. It's also the place where I document all the precious recipes from my family's kitchen.

Through Rasa Malaysia, I am reliving my childhood days in Penang, Malaysia, those days when I quietly and patiently stood beside my late grandmother, my mother, and my aunt, watching and observing them when they concocted dishes upon dishes of wonderful home-made meals. It was then that I cultivated my life-long passion for cooking (and eating, too).

Rasa Malaysia is a culinary journey through Malaysia's rich, complex, and intoxicating gastronomic delights--it is a taste of all the flavors of Asia. Consisting of Malay, Chinese, Indian, Nyonya, and other indigenous cuisines, Malaysian food is complex, extremely flavorful, and electrifying.

rasa malaysiaOther than Malaysian food and recipes, I also share other Asian recipes with a special focus on Chinese and Southeast Asian cuisines, for example: Thai and Vietnamese. Other ethnic recipes such as Japanese, Indian, and Indonesian recipes can also be found on Rasa Malaysia.

To learn more about Bee, take a look at her Cookthink Questionnaire.

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