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The Barbara Kafka Dessert Anthology

One day, I looked at my recipe file—now, mainly on the computer—and realized that although I had written many books and articles and consulted with many restaurants, I had really done very little with all the dessert recipes I had developed. I hadn't done a proper book on desserts.

Many of the dessert recipes I've written, while smashing, were meant to delight restaurant goers. Others were put together with the busy home cook in mind. Still others were meant to be festive, triumphant endings to a dinner or a party. Many involved baking, but there were also recipes for those who don't like to bake, or even those on a diet.

In short, there was a little bit of everything.

Now, in Cookthink, I seem to have an ideal place to share all these recipes. They're not all in the same format, because they were developed for different uses and media at different times. However, all of them have been thoroughly tested for the home cook.

Over time, this dessert anthology will grow. There will be a vast variety of desserts, from simple fruit dishes to sorbets, ice creams, custards cold and hot, steamed puddings and a host of baked goods. I'll be taking a mostly seasonal approach—no strawberries in December. If you have any questions or suggestions, leave a comment at the Cookthink blog or visit bkafka.com and click on "Ask Barbara." I promise I will answer.

May 20: A Chiffon Pie is Cream With a Deadline
May 13: La Caravelle's Crème Anglaise
May 6: Spring at last
May 29: Cookies made for fruit
April 22: Sorbets and Granitas
April 15: In Praise of Pudding
April 8: Not Yet Spring...
April 1: The Chocolate Bluebird
March 31: A Proper Look at Desserts: a Q&A
March 26: Introducing the Dessert Anthology

To learn more about Barbara, take a look at her Cookthink Questionnaire.

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