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Barbara Kafka

Barbara Kafka's Vegetable Love was recently honored as a Book-of-the- Month Club main selection. Her previous book Soup: A Way Of Life was on the Los Angeles Times best seller list. Her Roasting: A Simple Art won the Julia Child Cookbook Award and was a Book-of-the-Month-Club main selection as was her preceding book Party Food.

Other books include the New York Times best seller Micorwave Gourmet and Microwave Gourmet Healthstyle Cookbook. Both were Book-of-the-Month-Club main selections and sold out in mass paperback in America and England. Both were also winners of The Tastemaker Award (IACP).

Throughout her career, Ms. Kafka has written on a regular basis for the New York Times. She has also written a monthly column, The Opinionated Palate, for Gourmet and others for Family Circle and Vogue.

In the past, Ms. Kafka was active as a restaurant consultant and product designer. For many years she taught with James Beard as well as around the country on her own. The winner of many awards, Ms. Kafka has served on the boards of culinary organizations and educational boards.

With Cookthink, she has undertaken The Barbara Kafka Dessert Anthology, a long-term project to compile her hundreds of dessert recipes into a proper collection. Her blog is at http://www.bkafka.com/.

To learn more about Barbara Kafka, take a look at her Cookthink Questionnaire.

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