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Root Source Challenge

Cookthink's Root Source ChallengeWhether we're looking at parsley or parsnips, stout beer or Champagne vinegar, in the Root Source we focus on one ingredient and chew over the best ways to buy it, store it, prep it and cook with it.

The Root Source Challenge is our weekly recipe contest. To participate, readers submit their best recipe(s) using an ingredient that's the subject of an upcoming Root Source. We'll pick our favorite of the submitted recipes, feature it on the Root Source and publish it at cookthink.com. We'll also send the person who submitted the winning recipe a cookbook.

If you are interested in participating in the Root Source Challenge, check out our current challenges below or on the blog for the latest ingredients, and see below for entry guidelines and rules.

Current Challenges:
November 4: Pumpkin
November 11: Radish
November 18: Turkey

To enter:

Send an email to rootsourcechallenge [at] cookthink [dot] com with your name, email address, the name of your blog and a permalink to the recipe. (If the recipe isn't online, you can paste it into the body of the email.) Be sure to mention Root Source Challenge and the topic in the subject line.

A few rules:

1. The recipe must be your original work. If it’s a modification or derivative of an existing recipe, you need to state that in the post. Any images must be your original work.

2. Submitting the recipe to the contest constitutes permission for us to republish it indefinitely at cookthink.com. The featured recipes we publish will be attributed to their source with a link. We reserve the right to (lightly) edit the recipe to make it conform to our style guidelines. We also reserve the right to use one of our stock images with the recipe.

3. Submit as often as you like.

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